Import and Export

As a licensed Customs Clearing Agent, Iyke Delta Shipping ensures that all your shipments go through the process of clearing with Nigerian Customs successfully and at the shortest possible time. We ensure that your imports get to your chosen location safe and intact.

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Freight Forwarding

We provide freight forwarding services based on the nature, size and specifications of your shipment.
Our trustworthy staff and partners are always ready and available to make delivery to any part of the country.

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Warehousing and Storage

Our warehousing and storage facilities are of top quality and can take up large volumes of client’s goods in a conducive environment.
Our clients can always have access to these facilities for as long as they wish.

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We put a lot of work and precision in coordinating the movement of our client’s merchandise from the port (Air, Sea, or Land) to our client’s chosen place of delivery.
Our warehousing and storage services are also available to clients.

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Merchant Representative

We act in place of our clients, representing their best interests by making sure they get a fair deal at every stage and ensuring cost is always at the minimum. We offer consultancy services and advice our clients on the best line of action to take, compliant with Customs practices.

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